Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy are undoubtedly some of the best comic book movies ever made.

Nolan’s critically acclaimed Batman movies starring Christian Bale are dark, grounded and gritty and Bale’s acting contributes towards the renewed perspective of comic book cinema.

Delivering a solid opening, earthmoving the second film and the poetic finale, the trilogy is perfect.

The box office success of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, both of which grossed slightly over $US 1 billion led Warner Bros to decide that they wanted a fourth Batman film with Christian Bale but the actor declined.

Speaking to Toronto Sun in an interview, Bale talked about Nolan’s trilogy and why he declined the offer.

He said that he and Nolan had to reinvent it. Bale said there were people laughing at him when they were doing a new kind of Batman.

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He said the reason it worked was because of Nolan’s take on it but the two of them were never arrogant to assume that there was an opportunity for one film at a time.

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Nolan would say that they are making one film and that’s all they got.

So when people approached them and asked if they were going to make another, Nolan and Bale will still say that this was it and there will not be another opportunity.

Then when they said they will do the third one, Nolan said that if they were fortunate to make three, they will stop and walk away after that.

In many interviews, Nolan said that when he started writing Batman Begins with David Goyer in 2003, he always thought of doing three films.

Bale then added that when people went to Nolan and Bale to ask for a number four, he would say no, to stick to Nolan’s dream which was to do a trilogy. They didn’t want to stretch too far and become overindulgent.

That was why after Nolan stepped away and Bale was informed his services were no longer required.

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Matt Reeves’ Batman movie will star Robert Pattinson the expected released date is 2021.