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Recently, the Director of The Marvels made bold claims saying critics towards the movie she directed are problematic people. However, conservatives are saying that the movie is simply “trash” and that is why the readerships are low and critics are high. For the most part, content consumers, especially for those who are into superhero movies would be vehemently upset if something is changed. 

According to sources, Director Nia DaCosta, during an interview, labelled critics of woke Marvel as “virulent, violent, racist, sexist, and homophobic.” Explaining the song choice in the film’s trailer, she denied intent to target Brie Larson critics. DaCosta acknowledged varied fan feedback, distinguishing between adoration and hostile critique. 

Furthermore, she condemned toxic pockets within fandom, advocating for the positive side. Reacting to her comments, YouTuber Ryan Kinel criticized the defamation, emphasizing legitimate MCU criticisms. Despite her stance, ‘The Marvels’ faced a dismal box office performance, marking the lowest Marvel opening. The film gathered $108.9 million globally but struggled further with declining figures both domestically and internationally.

Conservatives calling The Marvels “trash content” 

A post made by Clown World states that if a movie was actually good, regardless of who the director is, it would not have anyone defending it in such a manner. However, one of the reasons why viewers aren’t watching it is due to the content. Content is one of the most important factors as to why people are interested in it or not. 

Furthermore, the long list of credible actors from all over the world couldn’t do much despite their best efforts. Plot lines are one of the most important things for a movie, and there have been too many woke movies made in recent years. Conservatives state if reality doesn’t help, call them names. 

In addition to this, users say that they want to escape from real life when watching an action or superhero movie. However, with wokeness seeping into Hollywood content, many feel that it is no longer worth their time to sit and watch. Even centrists on X are stating that this is a political agenda, and not all movies should cover the topic.

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