SINGAPORE: Apologising for the lack of cleanliness at their food court, Tangs Market has revealed that it has closed the eatery for three days for deep cleaning and disinfection after the authorities discovered a rat infestation at the market’s ceiling.

Earlier this week, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) launched an urgent investigation into Tangs Market following the circulation of a video on social media platforms depicting a rat on a food tray at the food court in Tang Plaza on Orchard Road. The 55-second video, initially posted on the “Singapore Laughs” Facebook page, quickly went viral, sparking widespread concern about hygiene and safety at the Market.

The video showed a sizable rat lying on a tray amidst seemingly untouched food in the middle of the food court. The initially motionless rodent begins twitching and moving its paws intermittently, prompting speculation about its condition. Whether the rat was injured or simply resting remains unclear.

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The SFA confirmed the launch of an investigation into the incident and later reported a rat horde occupying part of the ceiling of the food court. The authorities also flagged five stalls for hygiene lapses.

Tangs Market has since apologised. Revealing that the rat incident occurred on Saturday afternoon (25 Nov), a spokesperson for the food court said that pest control was called that same day.

The spokesperson said, “We take all matters relating to public health and hygiene very seriously, and it is regrettable and unacceptable that this has happened.”

The cleaning and pest control service provider completed a thorough cleaning and disinfection session on Tuesday (28 Nov). “In order to achieve higher hygiene and disinfection standards, we have decided to close Tangs Market on 29 and 30 Nov for another deep cleaning and disinfection work,” the spokesperson added.

Tangs Market also promised to double the frequency of pest control inspections and work with partners to increase the scope of cleaning and disinfection services. It added that it will also work closely with relevant authorities to strengthen site inspections.