Singapore — Sylvia Chan, a Singaporean YouTuber best known for co-founding the Night Owl Cinematics channel has been targeted with explosive allegations.

It has been a week since the allegations have been circulating on social media but on Oct 7, things are starting to get heated up after the posts started gaining traction on Instagram account @sgcickenrice.

On the account, there were texts screenshots and audio recordings in which Chan, 33, was accused of using slurs and expletives on her employees.

The materials were said to have been leaked by ‘insiders’ who are ostensibly employees or former employees. Samantha, one of the talents was singled out in one of the Instagram posts. In the post, Chan reportedly calls her “f*cking dumb” and requests an “exit strategy” for the employee, as reported by

In a separate Instagram post, a number of talents were added to a group chat with the company’s lawyers, as they appeared to be confused about their contracts and employment status.

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The poster behind @sgcickenrice mostly focused on the tone Chan took towards her staff.

However, a couple of users have also come out in Chan’s defence:

One user said: “ok la, i just worked with sylvia for a project. for privacy purposes i can’t expose my company but hor, she really isn’t as bad as everyone says. very chirpy on set, and nice to talk to even after cameras went shut. even talked about life and our families.”

Another user said: “i work directly under Sylvia and she does have her shortcomings. But at heart she does care about her employees.”

Photo: Instagram screengrab/sylsylnoc

Born on Jan 2, 1988, Sylvia Chan is the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) alongside her ex-husband Ryan Tan. Tan is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the company while Chan is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Tan oversees NOC’s video direction and Chan handles the company’s corporate matters and public relations, while occasionally hosting some YouTube videos. As of 1 June 2020, their YouTube channel has over 990,000 subscribers. Chan has 247,000 followers on Instagram.

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Chan was born in Malaysia and grew up in Kampong Saleng in Johor Bahru. She received her early education in Malaysia but subsequently completed her secondary education in Singapore where she was a student at Nanyang Girls’ High School. In her second year of junior college, Chan was diagnosed with clinical depression that had been triggered by the passing of her grandmother./TISG