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Students from SMU get highest pay among local graduates




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The graduates of Singapore’s youngest university are the top earners in five fields, says the latest survey by the Ministry of Education. Graduates from Singapore Management University outshone graduates from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology of University in sectors such as accountancy, information systems management, social sciences, economics and law in terms of salary.

The Joint Graduate Employment Survey released today polled 15,365 students from the three major local universities. The survey measured the employment rate of local fresh graduates six months after their final examinations.

SMU’s graduates from the School of Accountancy have an average monthly gross salary of $3,231, which is $381 more than the wages earned by NTU graduates and $166 more than those of NUS graduates.

For graduates from the School of Social Sciences, the survey showed that SMU graduates have an average monthly gross salary of $3,122. NUS’s social science graduates earn slightly lesser at $3,098 and NTU graduates from the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences have an average monthly salary of $2,900.

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In Economics, SMU graduates earn $3,389 while NTU graduates make an average of $3,085. NUS’s School of Economics was not part of the survey. SMU graduates and NUS graduates make $3,389 and $3,266 respectively in the field of information systems management.

Law graduates from SMU earn an average wage of $5,023, slightly above NUS’s graduates who pull in an average of $4,922.


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