When travelling abroad, it may be good to adjust your expectations quite a bit, especially when it comes to food.

There’s probably nothing better than biting into some Nasi Lemak or Laksa when you’re feeling a little homesick, but hoping it tastes the same as at your favourite hawker stall may leave you deeply disappointed, as one traveller found out.

When a Singaporean Reddit user travelled to Melbourne, they ordered a dish of “coconut rice” at an Asian restaurant called Hochi Mama. “I just got served this when I ordered coconut rice in Melbourne. Was expecting nasi lemak and not this monstrosity,” wrote WeirdPurpleNinja on r/singapore on Sunday (Oct 30).

She posted a photo of the dish she received, and wrote, “It’s literally normal rice drenched with coconut milk. Not even glutinous rice. And topped with grated coconut. It’s sweet. And idk what to even think of it.”

Many Singaporeans, who have passionate opinions about food, did not hesitate to tell her what they thought.

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One said it’s best to eat local cuisine when travelling.

Although, in response to that comment, another wrote, “There are only so many meat pies with ketchup and sausage sizzles a person can eat.”

One pointed out that since the eatery they went to is a Vietnamese restaurant, the traveller would have expected the Vietnamese version of coconut rice. 

Another commenter said that the dish looked more like a dessert, “you add mango can become mango sticky rice alr lol.”

In another comment, the traveller explained further about what other dishes they ordered aside from the coconut rice.

One netizen remarked that this kind of coconut rice is common not only in Melbourne, but throughout Australia.

“Is this what ang mohs think Asian food is like?” another asked.

Another asked a very important question, which is how the dish actually tasted.


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