Singapore – A domestic helper in Singapore underwent a sudden behaviour change, resulting in her being sent back to her home country.

The employer hired the 26-year-old Myanmar national in 2019 to help with her four children.

The helper was hard working and refused to have rest days, said the employer.

They paid her an extra S$20 as additional compensation for her work.

In May 2021, the employer also increased her salary and allowed her to take one day off each week.

However, the helper’s attitude and behaviour suddenly changed.

The employer installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in their home to monitor the helper.

She was seen lashing out at one of the employer’s sons for playing while eating, reported Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News on Wednesday (Sept 8).

The child could be seen covering his ears while the helper shouted.

Other footage showed the helper having a breakdown.

She was sobbing while sitting on the floor, looking at her phone and murmuring to herself.

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After failed attempts to communicate with the helper, the employer reached out to the maid agency.

The helper did not reveal the reasons for her outbursts and said she was only tired.

Unable to solve the issue, the employer eventually sent the helper back to her home country.

It was reported that the employer had to take unpaid leave to care for her children while waiting for a replacement.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to the Ministry of Manpower for a statement./TISG

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ByHana O