Amanah, the splinter Islamic party is making headway in constituencies where the PAS says are traditionally theirs.

Amanah’s recent push in some of the PAS held seats is turning the situation around against the Islamists.

Their progress is sparking rage from within the PAS.

The party leader Abdul Hadi Awang came out to state that Amanah is dividing the ‘Ummah’.

According to Hadi, Amanah is only here to cause trouble for the PAS.

Amanah’s aim is to divide the Malays in favour of the Pakatan Haparan opposition coalition.

But Hadi says it is dividing votes in favour of Umno.

However, it is clear that Amanah is very active in PAS held areas and in seats it is coveting and it will definitely split the votes by pulling voters away from the PAS.

Nevertheless, this brings us to the real intentions of the PAS, that is to divide the opposition coalition’s votes.

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Meanwhile, by playing sparring partner to the Umno, the PAS hopes it can win more seats.

But by doing so, it also knows it will divide the opposition’s votes in favour the party of PM Najib Razak.

Hadi said Amanah is proving his theory right since the opposition Islamists are vying to contest in PAS traditional seats.

However, according to opposition sources, there is no such thing as reserved seats.

In the scuffle about the seats, the PAS leaders also believe his party will have a good chance to win more seats in the next elections.

He said whether the PAS forms the government or not, the party will make it a point to change the country’s political course.

Above all, he believes his party will win more than 40 Parliamentary seats in the next elections.