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The vague statement made by an illegal immigrant is instilling fear among Americans as some of them feel that it is a threat. Apparently, an illegal immigrant told a reporter that “soon you’ll know who I am.” X users fear that the individual could do something that would make national headlines. 

Apparently, Riley Gaines, a popular conservative woman in the sports sector, stated that the migrant’s words sounded like a “threat.” Furthermore, she made remarks regarding the American President, Joe Biden stating that he is letting in these types of people into the country. 

The incident unfolded near Sasabe, Arizona, as the immigrant, part of a group entering illegally, issued the threat after being asked about his entry. Amid the growing crisis at the southern border, the video highlights concerns over unvetted individuals, with Border Patrol apprehending numerous individuals on the terror watchlist in recent years.

Illegal immigrant tells reporter concerning things at the border sparking reactions among conservatives


X users are showing their frustrations towards this situation. In addition to this, they say that if they criticize illegal immigrants coming into America, they’re branded as a problematic person. Furthermore, conservatives are showing concerns that there is little that is done in order to protect the American border. 


Others state that these illegals are not “thankful” to be able to live in America. For the most part, many agree to this as making threats while entering a country illegally is peculiar. Conservatives also feel that no country can survive an unlimited amount of illegal migration. This sentiment is agreed by many. 

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