As the earth rumbled beneath the New York area with a 4.8-magnitude earthquake last Friday, speculation surged across social media about its connection to the impending solar eclipse slated for Monday. Despite the whispers of doomsday, experts swiftly dismissed any correlation, quelling fears of celestial chaos.

Paul Earl from the United States Geological Survey assured the public, stating, “With earthquakes of this size, there’s no correlation to celestial bodies. It’s unrelated to the solar eclipse.”

However, the historical intertwining of seismic events and cosmic occurrences stirred curiosity. Throughout human history, the convergence of an earthquake followed by a solar eclipse has often been interpreted as a forewarning of cataclysmic events.

Earthquake, solar eclipse: End of times?

Bill Mahoney, a contributor to New York Politico, highlighted this historical perspective, tweeting, “For a lot of human history, an earthquake followed a few days later by a total eclipse would be taken as a pretty good sign of the end of times.”

Despite the lack of scientific connection, the impending solar eclipse promises to captivate the natural world, with its mesmerizing effects on plants, animals, and ocean tides. Research suggests that as the moon obscures the sun, animals react instinctively, mistaking the dimming light for nightfall.

Angela Speck, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Texas at San Antonio, explained, “Once it gets to about 75%, 80% eclipsed, there’s enough sunlight missing that animals will start to react.”

The solar eclipse has been viewed as a cosmic verdict, signaling displeasure from the divine. Instances abound, from the untimely demise of King Henry I in 1135 following an eclipse to the cessation of hostilities between the Lydians and the Medes in 585 B.C., believed to be a response to celestial disapproval.

As anticipation builds for Monday’s eclipse, it’s not just an astronomical event—it’s a journey through time, weaving together the threads of ancient lore and modern science.

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