SINGAPORE: The recently released Global Peace Index (GPI) 2023 report has revealed that Singapore has secured the sixth position among the most peaceful countries globally. This marks an uptick from the previous year’s report, where Singapore held the ninth position.

The GPI, which evaluates 163 countries covering nearly 99.7 per cent of the world’s population, assesses the level of peacefulness based on three key factors: Societal Safety and Security, Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict, and Militarisation.

Comparing this year’s findings to 2022, the global average level of peacefulness has experienced a slight decline of 0.42 per cent. Alarmingly, this marks the ninth consecutive year of deterioration in global peacefulness.

Of the 163 countries assessed, 84 witnessed an improvement in peacefulness, while 79 experienced a decline. However, the scores suggest that the overall deterioration is more substantial than the improvements.

In the Asia-Pacific region, a notable increase of 0.32 per cent in the level of peacefulness has been observed in the 2023 GPI. This positive shift is attributed to enhancements in safety and security, coupled with a reduction in militarisation. Factors contributing to this improvement include decreased violent demonstrations and increased funding for United Nations peacekeeping efforts.

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New Zealand emerged as the most peaceful country in the Asia-Pacific region, followed closely by Singapore and Japan.

According to the GPI, the top five most peaceful countries globally are Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, and Austria. Portugal, Slovenia, Japan, and Switzerland came after Singapore to complete the top ten.