Simon Cowell has launched his latest business entries while at the same time making a major move out London. The reason for leaving London is because he says he no longer feels safe there after his $55 million dollar home in Holland Park was burgled in 2015.

The 64-year-old America’s Got Talent star is now backing which is a “creator-first platform where fans can discover, interact and support the artists they love.”

The site has attracted several thousand content creators who want to stream their content on-demand after the music mogul announced that he would be backing the site financially.

The platform is said to offer a quick way for content people to monetize their work as they get to retain 80% of their streaming revenue and they also get paid 24 hours after going live.

Cowell and talents

“I am proud to be involved with and to support You never know where the next great talent will emerge from, and I really believe that creating as many opportunities as possible for talent to be discovered and to build their own fan bases is great for everyone.

“The artists and the audience, rightly, are making 100% of the decisions, and is giving another new type of platform to promote themselves. I was really interested to learn that on creators get paid within 24 hours, and I thought that was a really good idea and hopefully will make a difference.”

Cowell suffered a serious cycling injury in 2022 that led to major surgery for his back and that he said gave him major depression. He credits his friends for leading him to therapy saying that if we look after our body through exercise and diet, the same should be applied for the mind too.

He said he made the appointment to see a therapist and within 20 minutes he felt like he had known the person he was talking to for 10 or 20 years although in the beginning he was wondering how he would be able to start talking about everything.

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