An incident which happened more than 2 years ago, has led an Australian woman to lodge a lawsuit in the Australian Supreme Court claiming unspecified damages from Singapore Airlines (SIA) for a personal injury.

Stuff, a Kiwi publication which reported the lawsuit first said that the incident happened on flight SQ228, from Melbourne to Singapore, on 31 Jul 2014. The woman is identified as a 71-year-old Jennifer Green.

Singapore girlMs Green claims that an attendant onboard the eight-hour flight, spilled a tray of drinks on her husband’s leg which sparked a chain reaction that ended up with her being personally injured in her leg.

Ms Green said that the spillage caused her husband to “jerk” into her, resulting in her leg hitting the metal footrest in front. The hit triggered her diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, she claims.

In a writ filed to the Victorian Supreme Court on 20 Jul her lawyer said that she was also claiming compensation for her hospitalisation and medical expenses, and that her prognosis was ‘uncertain’.

In describing the incident further, the writ said that the incident happened when Ms Green was levering herself out of her seat as the flight attendant was busy loading drinks onto a tray as they served passengers. And that the incident caused “soft tissue injury caused by a blow to the right lower leg; development of right leg cellulitis caused by the said blow to the right lower leg; aggravation of rheumatoid arthritis; aggravation of type-one diabetes”.

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