KPOP superstar Seungri of Big Bang fame has gained notoriety over the past weeks for the alleged sexual assault cases against him by numerous women. He has also been linked to socialite Kim Lim, daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim, a connection Ms. Lim has since declared she wanted no part of.

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In the most recent development of the Seungri scandal, Seoul police reportedly have evidence that proves Seungri hired prostitutes to offer sexual services to potential business investors in his Burning Sun club.

The testimony allegedly came from an acquaintance who managed the hiring of prostitutes for Seungri’s parties. According to the unnamed witness, he was tasked to pay each of the hired girls 4 million won (S$4,768) for trips and bookings abroad. The girls were then paid 2 million won (S$2,384) for their services at local clubs.

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Seungri was also accused of hiring prostitutes during his birthday in a Philippine nightclub last Dec 2017.

To add fuel to the fire, police revealed that Burning Sun funds are deposited in different bank accounts under different names. All the links lead back to Seungri. The accounts in question can be used to charge Seungri and the management of Burning Sun for embezzlement.

“Though we can’t reveal specifics of the matter, we have already completed a review of the legal precedent to prove these crimes,” the witness said according to the police report.

There are also suspicions that a certain Madam Lin is the puppeteer behind the curtain of Seungri’s rise and downfall. According to Korean music site, Koreaboo, Madam Lin is a wealthy Taiwanese businesswoman involved in “establishing online gambling site with several retired police officers.” The mysterious woman, rumoured to be known for an extravagant lifestyle, is suspected of laundering her gambling money through Seungri’s club, Burning Sun.

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But another wealthy woman is said to have a significant role in the scandal. A certain Madam Shim, owner of a luxury brand and an influential figure in South Korean media, is allegedly instrumental in setting and covering up tracks in relation to the prostitution issue of the Seungri scandal.

Fans have denounced Seungri and other accused KPOP stars, condemning their behaviour against women. However, other fans refuse to see past the glitz and glamour of their idols and recognize their faults. /TISG