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Senator Chris Murphy is expressing concern over opposition from GOP Senators regarding President Joe Biden’s request for a $15 billion emergency fund to address the ongoing migration crisis. He worries that Republicans may not be fully committed to funding the deal on the appropriations side, potentially undermining the proposed measures. 

Murphy emphasizes that supporting the deal necessitates backing the funding required for its implementation, asserting that establishing new emergency powers at the border comes with associated costs. The senator’s comments come as part of his active involvement in migration talks with the White House and GOP leadership.

Furthermore, the dispute revolves around Biden’s call for an additional $15 billion to help manage the influx of migrants into the United States. The request, tied to extra funding for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, has become a key issue for Biden and his Democratic allies, as well as Democratic governors and mayors facing budget strains due to the impact of migrants on local resources. 

Following that, analysts suggest that without additional funding, TV coverage of the migration’s effects on local communities, including schools, housing, shelters, budgets, and crime, may influence voter opinions negatively in the upcoming November election.

Biden losing to Trump because of migration crisis 


It seems that many are discussing Biden’s downfall being attributed to the illegal migrant crisis. Furthermore, even liberals appear to be tired of having hoards of non-Americans coming into the country everyday. Some are even joking that the popularity contest between Biden and Trump is akin to an American Idol episode. 

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