Robert Kiyosaki, renowned author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has a controversial take on what young people should prioritize in their professional lives.

He believes the commonly embraced advice to “follow your dreams” and find a job you love might not be the best route to financial success.

Kiyosaki on the biggest mistake

Kiyosaki asserts that one of the biggest mistakes young individuals make is exclusively chasing their passions when it comes to career choices. He argues that while passion is important, it should not overshadow the pragmatic consideration of financial stability and wealth-building opportunities.

He adds, “The mistake young people make is they want to do what they love. In real life, sometimes you have to do what you hate. People think I like to write books. I hate writing books, but it fills my purpose in life. It’s not my passion; it’s my purpose in life.”

Kiyosaki recommends a focus on entrepreneurship or professional investing. He says passion can drive one’s career but doesn’t necessarily guarantee financial stability.

The ultimate goal of a career should be to generate sufficient income to invest and attain financial freedom. He advocates financial education as a critical step before diving into a passion-driven career. Millennials should educate themselves about money, investing, and wealth-building before making life-altering career decisions.

This doesn’t mean millennials should completely abandon passion. Instead, pursue them on the side while maintaining a job that offers stable income and the ability to invest. Once a certain level of financial stability and education is attained, individuals can decide whether to transition their passion into a full-time career or continue it as a hobby or side gig.

This may initially seem disheartening, but it doesn’t advocate for the abandonment of dreams. It encourages finding a balance between passion and practicality.

The Challenge

Kiyosaki challenges millennials to critically evaluate their choices and the long-term impact on their financial futures by stressing the importance of financial education and making informed career decisions. Pursuing one’s dreams should not mean turning a blind eye to financial realities but approaching passion with a well-rounded perspective.

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