SINGAPORE: A parent of a child in primary school crowdsourced for advice on Reddit about one of her daughter’s classmates who appears to have anger management issues.

A month after the classmate had a serious meltdown, the Reddit user’s daughter, who had previously been bullied, has grown anxious about going to school, and the mum wrote, “What can I do to ease her anxiety? To be frank, I am just as worried and feel helpless that I cannot protect my child when she is in school.”

u/CryptographerOver204 wrote in a post on r/askSingapore on Friday (Mar 31) that the classmate used to pinch and kick her child “without provocation” and also bullied some other classmates. The mum then reported the bullying to the school, which provided the child who bullied with counseling and made sure he was always accompanied by another adult. This happened last year, when they were in Primary 1.

While the boy’s behavior had improved, he nevertheless lost his temper and threw a chair at a classmate one day, injuring the classmate, who was brought to the hospital in an ambulance, requiring stitches.

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But the boy with anger issues continued to run “amok around the class sending the students screaming in terror.”

“My child was terrified as she was sitting near the injured boy and saw the blood and all,” the Reddit user added, asking for advice for dealing with the situation.

The post has gotten many replies, with some suggesting that the boy with the issues may have special needs that the school is not handling well.

“You should ask the school what they intend to do to protect your child and her other classmates. What if that kid pulls out a knife one day?” wrote another.

Others endeavored to offer pieces of advice.

One commenter who says she is from MOE says this scenario is not uncommon.

A parent whose child also has anger management issues also weighed in.


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