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In a recent video released on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson and GOP hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy launched a blistering critique of Nikki Haley, dubbing her a “puppet” for the Democratic Party in the upcoming 2024 election.

Carlson, known for his outspoken commentary, set the tone for the video by asserting, “You thought Democrats were going to dump Biden for Gavin Newsom, but they’re not. They’re backing Nikki Haley instead.”

A convenient puppet

Opening with a striking label for Haley as “a Republican candidate who’s actually a Democrat,” Carlson backed his claim with a video clip of Haley suggesting that Putin was behind the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7 during her campaign trail.

Following Carlson’s lead, Ramaswamy characterized Haley as “a much more convenient puppet” for the Democratic Party compared to other potential candidates like Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama.

He emphasized, “The true puppet masters are fundamentally nonpartisan; they care about keeping the foreign war machine humming and maintaining the administrative state control of the United States.”

The ‘Trojan Horse’

“They found a much more convenient puppet within the Republican Party itself. It’s not Gavin, it’s not Michelle. It’s Nikki, actually,” Ramaswamy continued, portraying her as a “trojan horse.”

Carlson, in the midst of analyzing the 2024 election landscape, labeled it a “very tough moment” for Democratic mega-donors. He cited polls showing Donald Trump leading over Joe Biden and pointed the finger at Kamala Harris as a significant problem for the Democrats.

GOP divisions, Democratic Party’s strategy

“She’s half Jamaican, therefore, she’s holy. You can’t criticize her, much less demote her. That’s not allowed,” Carlson remarked, asserting that the Democrats are stuck with Harris, who he claimed is even more unpopular than Biden.

The video sheds light on divisions within the GOP and raises questions about the Democratic Party’s strategy for the upcoming presidential race.

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