SINGAPORE: In separate social media reports shared in different groups, three different commuters around Singapore were posted online for their bad behaviour on board public transportation.

First up was an uncle who seemed to be using a bus pole to stretch. An anonymous participant shared his picture with the caption, “What’s this uncle trying to do? Doing chin-ups on a mobile bus? Army SOC?” This incident gave some online users a laugh more than it gave them cause to complain.

“Trying to entertain other passengers,” one said. “(It) is a good exercise, especially for the seniors. If he is not obstructing anybody and can be seen balancing well, let him be,” said another.

“No good to sit too long – gravity compacts the spine. Must stretch. Very good,” wrote a third.

Woman on train watching videos without headphones 

About three hours later, in a separate social media group, online user Kong MaLa shared a photo of a woman on board a train who allegedly watched videos without any headphones.

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“Today (in a) Westbound train towards Tuas,” the post read. “This lady watching videos loud on the train. Anyone (who) sat beside her quickly shifted elsewhere. Family members, please help her.”

In response to the post, many shared the writer’s exasperation over people who do such things in public. Many called it out as an inconsiderate act “They should ask her to leave the train,” said one.

“Yes, I am also very annoyed by loud noises from handphones on public transport,” shared another. “The government should make it mandatory not to (be) on loudspeaker mode for handphones on public transport. If want to do it put on headphones.”

“I encountered the same but it was a gentleman,” a third said. “I was quite annoyed because they think it’s the norm and have no consideration for the people around them.

He confirmed his character because he later did not give up his seat for an elderly gentleman who boarded and stood in front of him even though he was seated in the priority seat. What bad upbringing.”

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Still, another called for action, writing, “Must start a national campaign to educate and also restrict with fines for playing anything or talking on speakerphone in public transport.”

Man props feet up on bus while on call

In yet another post, a man was seen on video with his bare feet propped up on a bus as he took a phone call.

“Passenger shared about a man talking loudly in the bus on the upper deck and could not put his feet down the entire journey, ” the video clip was captioned. “(He) really (thinks he’s) the only one inside the bus travelling alone.”

While some online users said the person taking the video could have just told the man to be more mindful of his surroundings, others called out his behaviour.

“Reprimand him carefully, don’t steal the video,” said one. “In fact, those who take videos have more no manners.”

Another, however, wrote, “Feeling at home. It’s like he’s not with anyone inside the bus.”