A polygamy video shows Malay women talking about their choice, accompanied by their husband and the first or second wives.

The brief video of unknown origin is circulating on Whatsapp in Malaysia. The language spoken in the video sounds pretty much like Bahasa Malaysia, and the buildings show in the clip looks like it is filmed in Malaysia.

The couples appear to be walking near a 99 Speedmart store, which is a Malaysian brand and is apparently only found in Malaysia.

The video also looks like a promo video, destined to promote polygamy.

Malaysian laws allow polygamy, but it is a state affair when it comes to the registration of polygamous marriages for the Muslims.

The video voice-over says a large number of people met at an event – for polygamy marriages – at an unknown location.

The ceremony involved 14 men who were accompanied by their newly wedded wives and their first wife.

They are seen walking together with a seated crowd in what looks like an exclusive polygamist event.