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According to a weekly Economist/YouGov survey, a majority believe the economy will improve if Donald Trump is reelected, while fewer hold the same optimism for Joe Biden’s second term. 47 percent predict a downturn under Biden, with only 21 percent expecting improvement and another 21 percent foreseeing no change.

Independents echo this sentiment, with 47 percent expecting a decline under Biden. Conversely, 42 percent across the board anticipate an economic upturn with Trump’s reelection. Notably, 97 percent consider the economy and jobs important, with 72 percent viewing it as very important. 

Biden faces disapproval from 54 percent for his handling of these issues, rising to 58 percent among independents. A Gallup survey confirms Biden’s economic leadership faltering to a historic low.

Americans prefer Trump over Biden due to Bidenomics 


Furthermore, conservative Americans state that Bidenomics is increasing the wages of employees, which is raising the cost of goods but a significant reduction in quality is also happening. Users add that less Americans are eating out nowadays as the cost to do so is a lot more expensive. 


Additionally, conservatives claim that the average American family is struggling to put food on the table in lieu of Bidenomics. Following that, they are blaming the current US President’s economic proficiency for this. However, liberal Americans are pointing out the fact that conservatives are still able to spend their cash on MAGA merchandise. 

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