SINGAPORE — In a recent celebratory post, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared his hopes for the youth of Singapore, saying it is his desire that they widen their circles and give back to the Singaporean community.

Mr Lee, on Sunday (Feb 7), took to social media to share a post in celebration of Chap Goh Mei, which is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. This day marks the last of the celebration.

“Celebrated Chap Goh Mei with grassroots leaders, volunteers, and guests at my annual Chinese New Year Garden Party at the Istana this afternoon,” wrote Mr Lee. “Hope everyone enjoyed the reunion gathering over the festive spread!”

Aside from sharing photos of the celebration, Mr Lee also took a moment to share his desire for the nation’s youth. “These groups work hard to build our communities,” he wrote. “My hope is that more young people will get involved in any of the many activities and programmes, widen their social circles, and give back to the community.”

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He also wished Singaporeans a happy new year, saying, “Hope you are having a warm gathering with your loved ones despite the cool and wet weather. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead!”

In response to this post, while many shared celebratory greetings and well-wishes, a few others joined in specifically with the Prime Minister’s hopes for the Singaporean youth.

“(I) do wish that more and more will be socially helpful and responsible especially the young generations–(that they might be more) socially involved,” said one.

Another said, “On the occasion of Chinese New Year to interact grassroots leaders and people from different walks of life…and thank you for encouraging (the) social (involvement of the youth).

Image: FB screengrab / Lee Hsien Loong
Image: FB screengrab / Lee Hsien Loong