One could only imagine the frustration bathroom cleaners feel when toilet users forget to flush after doing their business, especially when it’s not just urine.

It appears that such was the case for those managing the toilet at Pek Chuan Building on Lavender Street.

A member of Facebook page Complaint Singapore stumbled upon a notice to toilet users from a seemingly distressed cleaner who went into detail about why people couldn’t flush.

The plaque located on the wall above the toilet bowls reminding users to “Please keep the toilet clean” was probably not effective enough, so the cleaner had to get creative.

Photo: FB screengrab/ Complaint Singapore
Photo: FB screengrab/ Complaint Singapore

In case you missed it, here’s what the notice says:

“Dear female toilet user at Pek Chuan

  1. Is your hand/fingers broken?
  2. Did you see a ghost and a very scary one till you forgotten to clean your ass and flush the toilet? Did you run fast?
  3. There is only three cubicles in this toilet, two is full of sh*t, do you want to make it a norm that all three are full of sh*t? Then just sh*t at the middle one too!
  4. Indeed, this toilet is very run down, old and look scary, if you are scared of ghost or cannot flush properly, do not use this toilet, don’t let the ghost standing beside you curse and swear at you sh*t!”

The note also includes printed photos of two cubicles with clogged toilet bowls.

Photo: FB screengrab/ Complaint Singapore

“I find this hilarious! It does look spooky,” wrote the original poster.

Perhaps after reading the long message and feeling disgusted at the photos, toilet users would now be more conscious and remember to flush./TISG

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ByHana O