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Parking enforcement officer prohibiting use of loading bay later caught on cam for littering

The officer was spotted smoking under a void deck while off duty and after he finished his cigarette, he threw the used cigarette butt on the ground




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Singapore – Video footage of a parking enforcer getting into an argument with delivery personnel regarding the use of a loading bay is circulating online. An accompanying video shows the same officer was also spotted littering a used cigarette butt.

On Sunday (Nov 22), Facebook page All Singapore Stuff uploaded a video contributed by a reader of a “saman uncle” getting into an argument with delivery personnel waiting at the loading and unloading area of a compound.

At the beginning of the video, the enforcer could be heard saying that the spot was for loading and unloading only and not for delivery. “So what’s the point for you to put the gantry?” asked the individual recording the incident. “Loading bay you also want to kacau,” said another delivery personnel who entered the discussion. The enforcer confirmed he does not have jurisdiction to issue a fine on the loading and unloading bay.

“This is loading and unloading, my guy is going up to deliver then come down, then why you fine me for what?” asked the person behind the camera. The enforcer replied that he wasn’t issuing them a fine. The delivery personnel then asked why the enforcer took his contact details. He expressed concern that they would later receive a summon.

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“Everybody now very difficult to earn money,” said the other person who explained they weren’t left with many options on the situation.

In a separate video also uploaded by All Singapore Stuff, the “saman uncle” was spotted smoking under a void deck while wearing a civilian t-shirt over his uniform indicating he was currently off-duty. After finishing his cigarette, the enforcer threw his used cigarette butt on the ground.

The same person who took the earlier video commented, “Now he remove the uniform. Sitting under the void deck and smoking and littering.”

Members from the online community urged the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to look into the issue of parking fines. “Hope the authority can exercise some flexibility during this difficult time,” said Facebook user Kelvin Ang. “Please advise and train your staff what needs to be done and what need not be done. I’m fine if he carried out his due diligence, but he needs to excuse and give some allowance on those (sic) delivery guy making a decent living. This is something need not be told during this sombre period.”

A netizen pointed out the “unreasonable” setup of the rules, noting delivery personnel had to pay to enter the gantry. However, “if the height of the lorry doesn’t permit us to drive into the multi-storey car park, then where to park and do our business. So sad and unreasonable. All waiting to summon only. It’s already so tough to make a living doing delivery. Pay also can’t park.”

“It’s about time the LTA announces clearly and revamps all current ‘nonsensical’ rules and regulations,” said Facebook user Taufik Choo.

According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority on the design and operations best practice guide for loading bays, it is advisable for a grace period of 30 minutes to be extended for delivery vehicles. “After which a higher step-up charge will be imposed. This will deter delivery drivers from overstaying at the loading bay. For delivery operations that require more than 30 minutes, commercial building owners can recommend for such deliveries to take place during off-peak periods (e.g. night deliveries).

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