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Parents of man who allegedly threw wine bottle that killed elderly man, plead for leniency

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Gosling's parents describe him as a "considerate" and "thoughtful" man without a "malicious bone in his body"

The parents of Australian Andrew Gosling have pleaded for leniency after their son was arrested and charged with causing the death of a 73-year-old man.

On August 18, 73-year old Nasiari Sunee was at the BBQ pit of Spottiswoode 18 condominium when he was struck on the head by a glass bottle.

Nasiari passed away the following day in the hospital.

47-year-old Gosling turned himself in and was subsequently arrested only 10 days later for his suspected involvement in the case and charged with causing death by a rash act.

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His mother stated that she did not know why Gosling had not contacted the police immediately, and “believ[ed] he did not realise the severity [of what happened]”.

According to a Mothership report, she told the media, “perhaps he was just fearful and had no one to turn to as he was alone in Singapore”.

According to 7News, Gosling’s mother, Pam Gosling, said her son was a “loving” and “caring” man, and did not have a “malicious bone in his body”. Gosling’s parents, pleading for leniency, also described him as a “considerate” and “thoughtful” man.

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Gosling’s mother added that throwing the glass bottle out of the window had merely been an “act of mischief” on the part of her son, reported nine.com.au.

His mother also stated that he was “clearly distraught and in suffering”, and “in tears as he did not expect his act to cause the death of someone”.

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The Mothership report also added that he is currently undergoing psychiatric assessment, according to the Gosling family, and the resulting psychiatric report will establish if he is fit to enter a plea.

A court hearing in two weeks will decide if Gosling can post bail.

However, the currently incarcerated Gosling might reportedly not want to be bailed out as he “fears for his safety”.

Gosling faces up to five years in jail if found guilty. /TISG

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