Featured News Panic at Bedok North HDB after 1.5-metre-long monitor lizard climbs 3 floors...

Panic at Bedok North HDB after 1.5-metre-long monitor lizard climbs 3 floors to “visit” residents

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NParks called for assistance after the animal refused to leave

SINGAPORE: The residents of an HDB block in Bedok North experienced a frightful encounter this week when a 1.5-metre-long monitor lizard made its way up to the third floor, causing panic and commotion.

Jiten Khemlani, whose parents live at Block 428 Bedok North Road, told Channel 8 news that the incident took place on Wednesday morning (May 24).

Jiten had visited his parents’ third-floor flat to work remotely for the day. Around 11:30 am, he heard a neighbour residing on the second floor suddenly shouting that there was a large “crocodile” in front of their unit.

Curious, Jiten ventured outside to investigate, only to discover that the supposed crocodile was, in fact, a sizable monitor lizard.

The lizard measured approximately 1.5 meters in length, giving it an imposing appearance within the confines of the modest HDB flat. At that moment, it seemed to Jiten as though the lizard simply desired a place to rest and was not actively seeking food or causing any harm.

Terrified by the unexpected reptilian guest, neighbours began screaming and attempted to drive the lizard away using a broom. However, the determined creature remained stubborn and defiant, wagging its tail and refusing to leave the premises.

After the frightened neighbour retreated into their home, the monitor lizard boldly ascended to the third floor. Jiten said he was astonished by the lizard’s agility as it swiftly manoeuvred up the stairs in one smooth motion. Concerned for the safety of the residents, he promptly contacted the National Parks Board (NParks) for assistance.

He added that he later heard commotion outside his door and presumed that a member of NParks had arrived to handle the situation, successfully removing the lizard from the premises.


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Monitor lizards, known for their climbing abilities and adaptable nature, occasionally venture into residential areas in search of suitable habitats. While monitor lizards are generally harmless, their appearance can evoke fear due to their formidable size and resemblance to their distant reptilian cousins.

Residents are advised to exercise caution if they encounter wild animals, avoid provoking the animals, and promptly report such encounters to the appropriate authorities to ensure the well-being of both humans and wildlife.

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