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Online response to Ng Chee Meng: You don’t have to be an MP to help out

Losing polls candidate had posted that he could only offer advice to Sengkang resident who had sought help




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Singapore — There have been comments — appreciative and not so appreciative — on a Facebook post on Oct 18 by losing People’s Action Party candidate in in this year’s General Election, Mr , that a Sengkang resident had sought his help, thinking he was still an MP.

Mr Ng was formerly a Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and is Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

Some people called him out, saying that one does not need to be an MP to help others, while one person pointed out that opposition Singapore Democratic Party chief Dr Chee Soon Juan, who had yet to be elected, had been serving the ground for years.

Mr Ng had published a post that a resident had approached him when he was walking the ground there recently, under the mistaken impression that he was her MP.

He added: “Unfortunately I could only advise her where she can find help. But as always, it’s a joy to be out and about, keeping in touch with the residents.”

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Some people took exception to his “I can’t help” mentality, writing that this could be part of the reason why the team in Sengkang, which had three incumbent MPs and political office-holders (Mr Ng, Mr Amrin Amin and Dr Lam Pin Min), lost in the GRC in a considerable blow to the PAP in the elections.

One person, W P Lim, seemed puzzled and left this comment on Mr Ng’s Facebook page. “Dunno what’s the point of this post? Everything cannot help, then do walkabout for what sia??

This person then unfavorably compared Mr Ng to Dr Chee: “These ivory towers should take a hint from Dr Chee. He also not the local MP but look at the dedication and effort he has put in in helping the Bukit Batok residents.”

This was echoed by Mr Edward Haxor: “LOL Chee Soon Juan has been doing relentless ground work for decades.”

Another person called it “wayang” or show. Ah Jun wrote: “The wayang is real… WE Singaporeans help out one another, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation, understand, dear Sir?”

And yet another person pointed out: “You can’t help? But why you can attend PA activities in Sengkang GRC? Shouldn’t those being elected MP be attending all this PA activities instead of you? So both you & PA are free rider?” asked Mr Lance Yeo. /TISG

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