After failing to secure viable candidates, the bipartisan group No Labels announced the termination of its plans to field a third-party presidential ticket for the upcoming 2024 election in a statement released on Thursday.

The decision marks a significant shift in the political landscape, as the group acknowledged the absence of credible contenders capable of winning the presidency.

“No candidates meeting our criteria surfaced, thus it is appropriate for us to step back,” stated No Labels.

“The ongoing division and unrest in our nation worry us, and we anticipate it may escalate following this election, irrespective of the outcome,” the statement added. “Following the election, No Labels will be ready to advocate for and safeguard the principles and priorities of the sensible majority in America.”

No Label vs Trump

Speculation had been rife over whether No Labels would challenge the dominance of President Biden and former President Trump with a third-party ticket. Various names, including former Governors Larry Hogan and Nikki Haley, were considered before the dwindling list of potential candidates led to the group’s eventual withdrawal.

Despite delaying their strategy update deadline and facing refusals from prominent figures like Chris Christie, the group’s abandonment of its plans underscores the consolidation of the race between Biden and Trump.

The development has drawn contrasting reactions, with progressives welcoming the decision as a move to thwart Trump’s return to power. “If the reports are accurate, many Americans are grateful that No Labels has ultimately chosen to take the necessary action to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House,” stated Rahna Epting, the executive director of the progressive organization MoveOn.

“It is now imperative for Robert Kennedy Junior to recognize that no third party stands a viable chance of succeeding in a presidential race. We must unite forces to combat the significant threat posed to our democracy and nation by Donald Trump.”

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