Workers’ Party (WP) member Nicole Seah assured East Coast residents that her party does not oppose for the sake of opposing when she visited the ward over the past weekend.

Ms Seah, who was fielded as one of the WP’s new candidates in the July election, narrowly lost East Coast GRC with 47 per cent of the vote to the ruling party team which included PM-designate Heng Swee Keat.

Despite the disappointing result, she has been walking the ground at East Coast whenever she can amid her work and family commitments. The 34-year-old, who is often accompanied by fellow WP candidates and volunteers, is not shy about visiting residents on her own when the need arises.

On Sunday (15 Nov), Ms Seah went on another round of house visits and met a few residents who were curious about the role WP plays in parliament. Sharing that she reassured residents that the opposition party is not just opposing for the sake of opposing, Ms Seah recounted on social media:

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“We informed them about the alternative policy proposals put forth in our manifesto. Also reassured them that WP MPs do not oppose for the sake of opposing, and will support bills in the spirit of national interest where needed.”

Party chief Pritam Singh made similar comments in his maiden parliamentary speech as Leader of the Opposition (LO), back in August. He had asserted then:

“The WP has always taken the position that when it is in the Opposition, it owes its loyalty to the President, the Republic of Singapore and the people. We have proven that we do not oppose the Government for the sake of opposing.

“We back the Government when national interests are at stake. Shortly after Covid struck in January, I said to the House from this very table:

“WP MPs agree with the Government when we have to, disagree where we must, in the knowledge that we endeavour for the best outcomes for Singapore and for a unity of purpose when politics must take a back seat, like during the current Covid-19 crisis.”

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