Featured News Man hurls vulgarities during Ng Kok Song's walkabout, shouts Tan Kin Lian's...

Man hurls vulgarities during Ng Kok Song’s walkabout, shouts Tan Kin Lian’s name as he walks off

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Mr Ng was not hurt during the incident, his team revealed

SINGAPORE: A man was caught on camera shouting Tan Kin Lian’s name after hurling vulgarities and threatening gestures while following presidential candidate Ng Kok Song during the latter’s walkabout at Clementi on Aug 29.

Mr Ng was at Clementi 448 Market and Food Centre on Tuesday (Aug 29) evening), posing for photos and speaking to people there. At around 7 p.m., a man on a bicycle approached Mr Ng’s team. He then began shouting vulgarities, made threatening gestures, and followed Ng briefly before eventually leaving the area and shouting Tan Kin Lian’s name. Mr Ng was not hurt during the incident, his team revealed.

His team also shared that a member of the public subsequently lodged a police report, and police officers collected statements from members of Ng’s team who witnessed the incident after Ng left the scene.

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In a statement by Mr Ng’s team, the former GIC chief investment officer has “no plans” to cancel his remaining walkabout and activities on Aug 30. /TISG

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