New Hampshire

New Hampshire Democrats, frustrated by Joe Biden’s absence on the state’s primary ballot, are launching a spirited write-in campaign to secure a win for the president.

New Hampshire Democrats

Despite Biden’s earlier decision to stay off the ballot, a group of seasoned operatives is rallying support through grassroots efforts and a dedicated write-in campaign.

The move comes in the wake of discontent over the Democratic National Committee’s decision to reposition New Hampshire in the primary schedule.

Kathy Sullivan, former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, emphasized the larger goal of organizing Democrats for a competitive general election and showcasing the state’s importance in the 2028 primary process.

The write-in campaign initiative

The campaign, led by two official staff members and supported by top Democrats, aims to raise $75,000 to educate voters about the write-in process.

The initiative, organized into various “clubs” for tasks like fundraising and organizing, relies heavily on volunteers.

Granite for America, a super PAC offshoot, is fundraising to conduct direct voter contact, complementing the official write-in campaign’s efforts. Despite the decentralized approach, the campaign’s success remains uncertain, with supporters acknowledging challenges in tracking participation.

Why Is Biden keeping a distance?

While the Biden campaign is aware of the support initiative, it has maintained distance and declined to comment.

The campaign’s focus is on uniting Democrats behind Biden for his reelection, even as the New Hampshire Democrats work with determination, driven by a shared goal of preventing a Republican presidency.

Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, highlighted the urgency instilled by the Trump era, pushing Democrats to set aside grievances for the greater cause.

Despite lingering frustrations, Democrats plan to address concerns post-Biden’s potential inauguration in 2025, having navigated the path to turning New Hampshire into a competitive “purple state” through determined efforts, albeit with “gritted teeth.”

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