Singapore — In a recent post (Dec 6) on Reddit, a social community network, netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) with regard to its ticketing system and seating allocation.

Different concerns were raised while expressing their feelings of discontentment in the forum discussion. The main complaints were that they had to sit on the floor and were not allowed to sit on the VIP seats even though it was empty.

VIPs only, please!

In a typical stadium, there will always be designated seating areas. However, it is primarily about the price you will pay.

According to netizen comments, VIP tickets are not for sale; instead, you must be invited to obtain one.

Even if the VIP areas are empty, regular ticket holders are not permitted to sit in them.

However, one netizen said they could not allow everyone to sit on the VIP, even if it was unoccupied.

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Sold-out tickets but empty stadium

One netizen attempted to reserve a seat but discovered that all sections were sold out even though the stadium appeared to be empty. However, another netizen explained that the reason for it was because “only 10k capacity out of 55k allowed… meaning that only 13% of the seats were filled… despite FAS selling out all the home tickets which will probably explain why it seemed quite empty”.

It’s just about making a profit now, instead of just loving the game

Also, some netizens expressed their disappointment by saying football is no longer about the love for the game, but more about making a profit from it these days.

Other disappointments

Apart from the concerns mentioned above, netizens also say that the opening ceremony was a letdown and the camera work was “a mess” for not capturing the event moments as expected.

FAS offers a framework for the game to thrive and regulates football in Singapore. Additionally, it ensures compliance with the laws of the game, from the professional Singapore Premier League to amateur levels.

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