Singapore — An angry motorist, who stepped out of his car to confront the driver behind him, forgot to engage the parking brake and ended up having to run after it.

On Friday (Jan 1), Facebook page SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) uploaded a video of the incident, garnering more than 50,000 views in YouTube and 1,700 shares on Facebook to date.

The footage, from a dashboard camera, shows a man in a white shirt stepping out of his blue Mazda CX-5 and approaching the other vehicle in an aggressive manner.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

A few seconds later, when he realises that his vehicle is moving off, he runs after it and jumps in to stop it.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

The vehicle was at that time heading into a yellow box at the junction.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

The man reaches his vehicle, jumps in and hits the brake.

Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

Towards the end of the video, the man in white is seen exiting once again from his car, this time brake engaged and stopped by the side of the road. He is still angry with the driver behind him but it is not known for what reason.

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Photo: FB screengrab / SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

The caption of the video states that the incident happened in Havelock Road. “Upset driver alighted from the Mazda to confront camcar but soon realise he had forgotten to engage the parking brake,” read the caption.

In a separate post, confirmed that the incident happened on Friday (Jan 1). “This is actually hilarious, deserves to be 2021 meme,” the caption added.

Those commenting on the post said the man was fortunate that there was no other traffic during that time and that his car was not on a slope as there could have been an accident.

Many hoped this incident would remind every motorist to engage the brake before stepping out of the vehicle.


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ByHana O