Home News : Jaywalker focused on phone gets slammed by cab

Caught on cam: Jaywalker focused on phone gets slammed by cab

Accident is a reminder of the reason for recently increased penalties for jaywalking.




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Singapore – It is never safe nor advisable to have your attention divided when crossing the road, so much more when you are jaywalking.

A video uploaded on District Singapore’s page showed footage of a woman who was jaywalking across Lavender Street near Kempas Road on Apr 5.

She was also on her phone while crossing the street.

The dashcam footage showed the woman hurriedly crossing the road and stopped abruptly at the empty left-most lane. However, she was a split-second too late as an incoming taxi knocked her off her feet and onto the ground.

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Netizens commented how there was no way the taxi driver could have seen the woman and stepped on the brakes in time; especially in an area without a pedestrian crossing.

The driver stepped out and assisted the woman back on her feet. His subsequent hand gestures suggested that he explained how he did not see her coming. Afterwards, he helped her to the roadside.

Higher penalties for road offences

For everyone’s information, the fines for road offences for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists had been increased on Apr 1, .

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“Jaywalking becomes an offence with the implementation of the pedestrian crossing rules. Under these rules, a jaywalker is liable to be fined up to S$50,” noted the post caption. The previous fine was S$20.

Other road offences include walking along tunnels with a fine of S$75 and cyclist-related offences such as careless riding, not wearing a helmet while riding on the road and failure to conform to a red light signal which also has a fine of S$75.

The revision was made after 20 years to curb the increasing road traffic offences.

Watch the video below (warning: disturbing footage):

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