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Morning Digest, June 30

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“It is honestly really sad and depressing to see night markets going extinct in Singapore” — Netizen shares nostalgic photo of Toa Payoh vegetable night market before closure


Image: Reddit Singapore screengrab / @bangsphoto

SINGAPORE: An online user recently started a thread on a news forum dedicated to a recent photo shoot at the Toa Payoh night market, reportedly up for closure.

A netizen recently visited the Toa Payoh night vegetable market for a photoshoot and shared the shots with other Singaporeans on Monday (June 26). “Recently, I went to the Toa Payoh vegetable night market to photograph, and speak with some of the individuals working there ahead of its closure,” the netizen wrote.

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“Butt Chick?” — Netizens try to decode Singaporean Airlines SQ meal sticker


Image: Reddit Singapore comments / @

SINGAPORE: A Singaporean Airlines passenger recently took to social media to share a photo of a meal sticker wherein the meal code was shortened in a head-turning abbreviation. In response, many other netizens have tried to decode the label, which got a laugh out of many.

An online user took to a news forum on Monday (June 26) to share a photo of a Singapore Airlines in-flight meal sticker, which made quite an impression on netizens.

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Woman says the HP laptop she ordered via Shopee has lower specs than the one she paid for, and now the laptop she wants is out of stock



SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media with a complaint concerning an HP laptop she ordered online since the unit she received was different from the model she had ordered.

Facebook user Ah Jie said HP told her that a replacement would be issued, and Shopee also told her that HP would contact her directly about the replacement. However, she wrote in a June 28 post on COMPLAINT SINGAPORE that even though she’s been following up with the store since June 20, she only found out that day that the laptop she ordered is out of stock, even if the company’s official shop had recently still been selling it.

Foreign cyclist knocks down mother & child along ECP, he then ghosts them when contacted


Aside from suffering painful abrasions, the toddler has also been left traumatised and required the assistance of three nurses to have her wounds properly bandaged due to an intense fear of strangers that developed after the traumatic crash. (Photos: Andrew Foo FB)

SINGAPORE: A leisurely family stroll at East Coast Park turned into a nightmare when a mother and her two-year-old daughter were struck by a foreign cyclist on Sunday afternoon. The incident has left the victims injured and traumatized, with the perpetrator disappearing without a trace.

The family has taken to social media in a desperate plea for the responsible individual to come forward and take accountability.

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Netizen watch: “Saw this speeding e-scooter on the expressway going faster than cars”


Image: FB screengrab / Singapore Incidents

SINGAPORE: After an online user shared a video of an Escooter rider cruising on an expressway amid much larger vehicles, a handful of netizens took to the comments section of the post to share their two cents on the matter.

An online user took to the Facebook group on Wednesday (June 28) to share an expressway video. The 12-second clip featured an individual riding an E-scooter in the middle of the road and other vehicles driving past the seemingly nonchalant rider.

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