Susan Hodgson, a Southwest Atlanta homeowner is grappling with the aftermath of a mistaken demolition of her long-time family property.

The distraught homeowner, returned from a vacation last month to find her cherished residence reduced to a pile of rubble, the result of a grievous mistake made by a local company.

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press on Saturday afternoon, Hodgson expressed her profound dismay, saying, “I am furious. I keep waking up thinking, ‘Is this all a joke or something?’ I’m just in shock.”

Mistaken demolition

The shocking ordeal unfolded when a concerned neighbor, while Hodgson was away, contacted her to inquire if she had hired a crew to demolish her vacant house. Hodgson responded in the negative, leaving her neighbor bewildered.

She recounts the neighbor’s unsettling message, “I said ‘no,’ and she said, ‘Well, there’s someone over here who just demolished the whole house and tore it all down.’”

According to Hodgson, when the neighbor confronted the workers responsible for the mistaken demolition, the encounter took a hostile turn. “He told her to shut up and mind her own business,” Hodgson said. The situation escalated to the point that a family member was dispatched to investigate the matter and demand a permit. It was during this confrontation that the person in charge at the site realized the catastrophic error.

Hodgson explained, “It’s been boarded up for about 15 years, and we keep it secured, with the grass regularly cut, and the yard well-maintained. The taxes are paid, and everything is in order.” Despite these visible indications of ownership, the company had mistakenly targeted her property.

In limbo

While she has reported the incident to the police and sought legal counsel, she remains in limbo, seeking justice for the mistaken demolition and the destruction of her family’s home.

The Atlanta-based company responsible for the blunder, ‘You Call It We Haul It,’ has yet to contact Hodgson or offer any form of compensation and has not responded to calls or messages. However, they did release a statement to WAGA-TV, assuring that they are actively investigating the incident and working to rectify this grievous mishap.

The community and the nation at large now await a resolution to this distressing tale, as Susan Hodgson’s battle for justice and restitution continues.

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