Migrants Turkey Thanksgiving

The recent news of migrants in New York receiving free turkeys for Thanksgiving has made headlines all over social media. However, low-income residents of public housing in New York City voice concerns as they find themselves competing with newly arrived migrants for free Thanksgiving turkeys, straining already limited public resources.

For the liberals, this might seem as something positive, where inclusivity is coming through and migrants are learning the American culture. However, conservatives are feeling contrary towards the situation as they feel low-income Americans should be prioritised first. 

According to Brietbart, the strain on resources is palpable for low-income New Yorkers. The city’s recent response includes providing $15 gift cards to public housing residents who’ve lacked cooking gas for months. 

Mayor Eric Adams announced significant budget cuts for New Yorkers due to the city’s allocation of nearly $1.5 billion in the past year alone for newly arrived migrants, projecting an estimated $12 billion spending on migrants by next year’s end. This situation further exacerbates the challenges faced by locals already grappling with financial constraints.

X users accusing Mayor Eric Adams of prioritising migrants 

The viewpoint of this whole situation is rather bleak. X users are unhappy with the fact that budget cuts will be placed to New York City’s essential services in order to fund the migrants in the city. Furthermore, others are blaming the current government for doing so. Crime in the city may increase if the police force is reduced. 

According to FOX5, residents are expressing their frustrations, “Why do we always get the short end of the stick? This community is already struggling.” Reports highlight the struggle as migrants reportedly secure turkey donations before scheduled distribution times, leaving local residents at a disadvantage.

Apparently, approximately 8,000 migrants have moved into public housing neighbourhoods after crossing the United States-Mexico border and being released into the country’s interior.


Furthermore, conservatives are stating that they feel Americans are being left out due to the amount of migrants coming in. They are upset at the budget cuts to the safety of New Yorkers and are questioning the decisions made by the government. 

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