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The fear of illegal migrants has sparked a chord in Americans as of late. The situation went from bad, to worse and now awful. The real irony of the situation is that the blue states are wanting this to happen and some are even categorising themselves as a “sanctuary city.” However, it seems that even these “sanctuary cities” are having problems of their own. 

BBC News states, a migration surge unfolds as thousands, mostly from South and Central America, embark on a trek toward the US border, originating in southern Mexico. An estimated 7,000 individuals, including many children, joined this caravan just before US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s scheduled discussions with Mexico’s president on migration control.

Recent border activity prompted closures at several crossings. White House spokesperson John Kirby echoed shared concerns between President Joe Biden and Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador over the “dramatic” surge, exceeding two million apprehensions in fiscal years 2022 and 2023, with over 200,000 in September 2023 alone.

The caravan, launching from Tapachula near Guatemala, carried a “Exodus from poverty” banner. Activists revealed 3,000 children under 14 are part of this diverse group from Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Bangladesh, and India.

Migrant caravan, Americans sharing their fears 

Following that, X users are speculating that these illegal immigrants will start to protest in large numbers for the right to vote. Furthermore, the users are fearing that they would want a fast track to American citizenship. America is now having a number of major problems that might get worse due to this. 

Moreover, others are speculating that this is to change the political and voting landscape of more conservative areas of the country. If this information is true, then it would be unfair for the residents of the area as they have the right to choose who’d they want to govern them.

For the most part, Americans are seemingly okay if the migration process is done correctly. This is where documents and criminal records are checked through in order for someone to enter a country legally. 

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