SINGAPORE: A man took to social media to share that his fiancée was disappointed in him after finding out that the engagement ring cost only $3500.

Initially, the man said that his fiancée cherished the ring because it was strikingly similar to the one she had always envisioned for her engagement. However, the situation took a turn when she inquired about the ring’s price a few nights ago.

“Because we’re going to be married and finances are so important, I told her,” the man wrote.

Following this, she expressed her disappointment, leaving him puzzled as the design matched her preferences. He explained that he chose not to buy it from her preferred brand because of negative feedback. 

Furthermore, he mentioned that a comparable ring from that brand might have cost him $6500, or if he had opted for a mined diamond, it could have been around $12000.

“She just said she expected me to spend more based on my [annual] income (160k). I have to say this is killing my recently engaged buzz, but maybe she’s right idk,” the man lamented.

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He then clarified that they weren’t arguing, although he acknowledged that his feelings had shifted from being “very excited to be engaged to her” to “starting to look at her in a worse light.”

“[I] would love advice on how to handle things or if I should move on from this and wait for her to get over it,” he wrote.

“The price should not matter at all. If it’s pretty, it’s pretty”

In the comments section, numerous individuals emphasized that the true worth of a gift, or in this case, an engagement ring, lies not in the monetary value but in the sentiment behind it.

One individual commented, “She should be excited that you bought something that she likes. The price should not matter at all. If it’s pretty, it’s pretty. I would marry my partner with paper rings.”

While another said, “I’d say that’s pretty bad. You two are about to get married. Why would she want her (future) husband to spend money unnecessarily? I’d take that as a red flag for future finances.

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My husband bought my engagement ring during a 50% sale and I’m super grateful and proud of him for not wasting money and still getting me an absolutely beautiful ring.”

Others, meanwhile, tried to see things from a different perspective and suggested to the man that if he loved her, he should have a deep conversation with her about this.

One individual stated, “You definitely need to communicate to her that this rubbed you the wrong way and also understand where she’s coming from.”

The individual added that her actions may have resulted from her anticipation that her partner would adhere to the “classic engagement ring cost rule,” which states that a man should spend two to three months’ pay on it.

According to With Clarity, men were expected to spend a significant portion of their income on engagement rings in the past. More specifically, they ought to put the equivalent of two to three months’ wages into the ring. 

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This antiquated notion, however, has long been abandoned by couples in modern times, as they now focus more on practicality and its emotional value.

The important thing, according to them, is the commitment it symbolizes, not the price tag.

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