Singapore – A video of a man hurling vulgarities while using the MRT’s handrails to hang his full-sized bicycle is circulating online.

On Thursday (Dec 17), Facebook page Complaint Singapore uploaded a video of a man who was caught using the MRT handrail to hang his non-foldable bicycle and hurling vulgarities at fellow passengers.

According to the post, the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) lodged a police report against the commuter. Police investigations are ongoing.

It is stated in the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) website that only foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMDs) are allowed onto public transport. They must not exceed 120cm by 70cm by 40cm when folded and must remain folded at all times when inside. The owners of said mobility devices are also not allowed to ride the equipment when at train stations or bus interchanges.

Members from the online community responded to the video wondering how the man was able to get past the entrance and allowed to board the train with his bicycle.

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In a separate Facebook post, SMRT provided a statement on the incident. “Some of you may have come across a video that is circulating online about a commuter with a bicycle on board a train.”

The incident happened at around 7:10 pm on Dec 15. “SMRT staff tried to stop a male commuter with a non-foldable bicycle from entering the train at Woodlands station,” read the post. “The male commuter was uncooperative and forced his way into a north-bound train.”

It was mentioned that the man had transferred to a west-bound train at Jurong East station before exiting at Pioneer station at about 7:50 pm.

“We have since identified the commuter and made a police report,” noted SMRT.

“For the safety and comfort of all commuters, we would like to remind everyone to observe regulations when bringing foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices on board trains and buses.”

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ByHana O