One domestic helper got cheeky recently, posting a photo of a note addressed to employers to clean up after themselves on her day off.

The note read, “Mam/Sir. Pls. Wash the Plates, Spoon Pork (sic) & etc. It’s my day off today!! Clean the Floor Also!! Thank you. From: Kunyang.”

The note was stuck below the microwave oven and above the sink, which, in fairness, was empty of dirty dishes.

The amusing post drew a lot of laugh reactions on a private Facebook page, where it was posted on June 4 (Saturday).

Some commenters shot back that the employer’s reply would be, “OK but when u come back! Pack your things!”

Another commenter warned that the note might end up becoming content on TikTok. 

She argued, however, that, the note could be a real one, especially if the helper enjoys a close relationship with their employer.

“Only the original poster knows the answer behind that written order,” the netizen added.

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Some found the post relatable, however.

Others said that their employers are kind and considerate on their days off, and keep the home, especially the kitchen, as tidy as when the helper leaves.

“When they cook they also clean up and wash the dishes they used,” one helper added.

Another said that her employer is the same because they know the helper does not like it when the kitchen gets dirty when she leaves.

“They know I’m more particular than them,” she added.

One helper said that her employers even take out the trash themselves when she is on her day off.

Another helper wrote that she doesn’t need to leave such a note because when she returns from her day off, she asks, “Who’s going to wash your dirty dishes today?”

The children she watches over immediately answer, “me aunty just wait a bit i will wash promise,” as they are tasked to do so on the helper’s rest day.

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Another wrote that some employers are kind and know that nanny is just joking around.

Others said, however, that the helper’s courage to write such an assertive note is for social media only, implying she would never give her employers a note like this.

Other commenters teased her about misspelling “fork,” telling her pork can’t be washed with soap.