It appears Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has roped in Anwar Ibrahim in rejecting a proper transition timeline for the Pakatan Harapan government.

In a remark to the media, the PM-to-be Anwar urges the media to ‘stop asking Dr Mahathir about the power transition plans’ saying “At every press conference, CNN will ask Dr Mahathir when he will retire. I don’t take this lightly. Please stop this. Let him continue to serve.”

He also urges the public and the media to stop asking and speculating on the transfer of power from the Prime Minister to him.

Anwar also says the media should not be obsessed with the issue to the point of asking Dr Mahathir this question at every available opportunity.

Anwar told the media Dr Mahathir informed him that he made a promise and will stand by it and that he did not want to be a ‘lame-duck’ prime minister.

“He did tell me, and I appreciate this gesture. 

“Anwar, I made a promise, I stand by it, but don’t let it be like this, forcing me to go or compelling me to announce the exact date because I will be a lame-duck prime minister; I want to serve, meanwhile.”

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However, Anwar’s warning to the media and the public not to talk of transition anymore has sparked even more speculation, with some pro-Anwar blogs saying Dr Mahathir’s admitted he will be a ‘lame duck’.

“But my point is, it is not what Anwar wants, but the country needs, which are new policies, ensuring confidence and boosting the economy. That is paramount, ” says Anwar.

According to the bloggers, Dr Mahathir should simply quit as he ‘has overstayed his role as PM’ and the fact that ‘reforms’ are not happening is a sign the elderly leader is incapable of running the country.
They cite, in cahoots with some opposition members, that the country’s economy is in limbo, the country is selling strategic assets to recover funds that the Mahathir regime is unable to generate otherwise.
Dr Mahathir himself got into trouble with netizens and some opposition members who do not see him as an ally when he said the government would reconsider the return of the goods and services tax.
The PM also got into trouble with Coalition members and the public when he said this weekend the Pakatan never promised to eliminate toll gates, which contradicts the Pakatan’s manifesto. -/TISG