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X users are fuming after they found out the city of Los Angeles has spent at a rate of approximately $262,000 per homeless person that they housed. Furthermore, a total of $67 million was spent in order to house 255 homeless people. Many are upset at seeing their tax dollars spent for such a small impact. 

NBC Los Angeles states, almost a year after LA Mayor Karen Bass launched her costly “Inside Safe” initiative to address homelessness, only 255 of 46,000 homeless have secured permanent housing. Critics cite slow progress, with only 4% temporarily placed in motels, costing taxpayers millions. 

Furthermore, the program’s $67 million spending hasn’t yielded expected results. Challenges persist, from bureaucratic hurdles for IDs to overloaded caseworkers struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand. Many relocated individuals, like Faith Stephens and Gabriel Felix, express disappointment, facing unfulfilled promises and unsafe conditions in motels. 

Mayor Bass, acknowledging the program’s limitations, seeks a more sustainable model, suggesting motel buyouts and streamlined federal protocols. Despite criticism and considerations of returning to the streets, Bass urges perseverance, emphasizing the dangers of leaving the structured environment offered by the initiative.

 However, the Mayor states that 22,000 homeless people have been moved from Los Angeles since she took charge. There are a few who benefited from this program thanking the Mayor for her help. This is a heartwarming scene but at the same time, conservatives are asking questions on where their tax dollars are truly spent. 

Los Angeles spending $262,000 per homeless person? 

There are several claims that the government will be more than willing to spend on immigrants than America’s own homeless people. Furthermore, many are still upset at the amount spent in order to give homes to barely 300 people. Despite this, the cost could’ve been spent on other things as well to alleviate the situation for others. 

In addition to this, bold claims stating that politicians are lining their pockets with these funds are made. There are others who state that it is rather expensive to have brainstorming sessions and ideas on how to solve this crisis. Regardless, the amount is still an eye-watering amount. 

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