The standard saying for the woke liberal crowd is that White lives do not matter. In reality, all human lives matter, regardless if they are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and others. However, a tweet showing an alleged liberal going crazy stating that only persons of color and animal lives matter.

The woke liberal went on to say that both animals and POCs’ lives are of the same value. Many are scratching their heads for this post as it seems extremely racist to compare a human life with an animal. According to the BBC, what about the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’? While some use it in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, it remains controversial.

Furthermore, critics argue it diverts attention from pressing issues affecting black lives. Activists are emphasising that Black Lives Matter advocates equality, not superiority. Other anti-racism organisations, like Stand Up To Racism, echo this sentiment. Others are stressing the importance of addressing historical mistreatment of black people without implying harm to others. In essence, ‘Black Lives Matter’ emphasizes equality, not exclusion.

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Liberal stating value of POC and animals life are the same   

X users are finding this fascinating as this is a very wrong statement to make, especially in our modern times. Furthermore, a user states that a minority’s life and an animal’s life will be decided in a flip of a coin to some. There are several other comments showing the weirdness of the situation.

Following that, users are stating that statements like these are actual racism. Some state that White liberals tend to virtue signal the situation too far up to the point where it could end up like this. There are several instances where Black conservatives are getting called inappropriate slurs by literal White liberals for disagreeing with their politics.

Some felt that the poster does not even value the lives of White people. However, conservatives state that the bigger picture is that the individual literally compares the lives of human beings to animals.

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Regardless, there are many who hope that this post is a troll post or a satirical one. Despite this, there are many liberals who would quite literally make similar statements like these on social media.

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