377a repealed

Dear Editor,

I read with consternation PM Lee’s admonishment of the opposition for going AWOL during the Section 377A debate in Parliament. He accused the opposition of not taking a position on this issue whilst stirring up sentiments against foreign workers (I shall avoid the word talent).

As a constituent of Singapore and born with neither inherited wealth nor inherited aristocracy, my concerns are jobs and the cost of living. I did my part; we all did our part; studied hard, did NS and reservist duty, and behave responsibly as law-abiding citizens, but in return, we see foreigners coming in droves over the years, occupying the cushy white-collar jobs which we can perform without the need for upskilling, while we have to downgrade to the PHV, food delivery and security guard industries.

What the opposition brought up for discussion in Parliament are merely reflections of our concerns and if there were no fault lines among the races and nationalities created in the first place by the signing of the CECA treaty, who can take advantage of it and stir up resentment? And oh, if it’s not stirred, it does not mean the resentment is not there.

The last of my concerns, if ever, would be which mode of entry consenting adults choose in the privacy of their bedrooms, and I would be disappointed if the opposition had joined in the brouhaha in Parliament together with the PAP, which to me is a distraction from other pressing problems they cannot or refuse to solve.

Perhaps PM Lee should go survey his residents in Tech Ghee and Ang Mo Kio constituencies and find out what are the essential worries and concerns they have for him to tackle in Parliament. I would be surprised if they list Section 377A as their priority.

tommy two tone

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