Dear Editor,

I read with interest The Independent Singapore’s Opinion piece, “Lawrence Wong was spot on. With more sharp opposition MPs like Sengkang trio, PAP will face real threat.

It is too early to predict or say PAP will face a real threat, even though WP won Sengkang GRC in the 2020 Election.

No doubt, Sengkang trio MPs have amazing qualities; their hard work on the ground and the sacrifices they made in their community commitments earned sizeable admiration and appreciation from most young voters and the Sengkang residents.

However, it is not impossible for PAP to mobilise its powerful ground machinery and resources to persuade the voters and win back Sengkang in the forthcoming election. It is much dependent upon what sorts of campaigning tactics they would deploy.

In politics, it is unpredictable, as is in any war. None of the shrewd politicians is able to predict exactly the outcome of any election or read the voters’ minds.

Although it is right to point out what Lawrence Wong said: “Do not assume that PAP politicians today are ‘better than all the rest’. Instead, maybe the best is yet to come from the Opposition.” — this will also depend on whether any best candidates will boldly step out from the woods. As it might be likened to the “sleeping dragon” Zhuge Liang who was called upon by the mission of the turbulent era back then.

Anyway, it is very crucial for WP and the opposition parties to work extra hard, and not to feel complacent about what they currently possess. Instead, they must plough their grounds deeply to understand, digest, grasp or capture the vast voters’ sentiments, diverse voices and hearts so that to score commendable election results in 2024/2025.

Teo Kueh Liang (Mr)

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Lawrence Wong was spot on. With more sharp Opposition MPs like Sengkang trio, PAP will face real threat