SINGAPORE: Singaporeans and visitors can now rent Changi Cottage, the former residence where founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew lived and worked for a few months after the country gained independence in 1965.

Located at 26 Netheravon Road, near Changi Beach, the two-story cottage, built in 1950, boasts three bedrooms and spans nearly 200 square meters. Preserving the site’s historical significance, the furnishings and furniture within the cottage remain untouched since Lee Kuan Yew’s occupancy, offering guests a genuine experience of his home life.

In an initiative to commemorate the centennial birthday of Lee Kuan Yew, the National Library Board has filled the cottage with books about Lee Kuan Yew, including his memoirs, and introduced new display boards featuring multimedia materials about the founding prime minister. Guests can also scan QR codes to access highlights of Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches at past National Day rallies.

A part of the Civil Service Club’s 108 villas in Changi Resort, Changi Cottage is a historically protected building generally only accessible to tenants, residents, and foreigners. Applications for rental can be submitted through the website.

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The rental charges vary based on the period, with non-members paying between 500 and 800 per night. Civil servants and club members enjoy discounts of approximately 16% and 30%, respectively.

The cottage is fully booked for the remainder of the year, indicating a keen interest in this unique historical experience.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing visited the cottage this week and said that Changi Cottage plays an important role in Singapore’s history as it was here that Lee Kuan Yew made important decisions that contributed to Singapore’s success today.

Mr Chan also personally planted a Jelutong tree, a variety of trees that Lee Kuan Yew loved during his lifetime, next to Changi Cottage.