SINGAPORE: A jobseeker in Singapore took to Reddit to vent some frustration, saying that applying for work has taken a toll on their mental health. An additional two rejections has only made them feel worse.

What has added to the pressure is that u/Gold-Base4047 is an international student who has a Ministry of Education (MOE) tuition grant to repay.

“I have to work 3 years here. But the idea that I haven’t got employed after nearly 4/5 months are making me crazy, it just seems like it’s gonna be a rejection after another rejection and I seriously don’t know when it’s going to end.”

Revealing that they only have a year left to find employment, they lamented:

“It’s just really scary to face the reality and knowing that many companies don’t even bother to hire (a) non-local anymore 🙁 Just looking for a place to rant and wanting to know how to go on, as I can’t seem to fall asleep knowing what I have to face.”

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Commenters on the post encouraged the OP to stay the course. Several Reddit users reassured him that he’s not alone and that even non-locals struggle to find jobs.

Others told him that some have spent a full year looking for a job, and one added that they can apply for an extension from the MOE.

Another urged u/Gold-Base4047 to take care of their mental health.

What to do if you struggle with job anxiety?

Job search anxiety is indeed a real thing. Fortunately, there are ways that jobseekers can protect themselves and reside the stress, pressure and worry they may be feeling.

Perhaps the most important advice is to make sure you have a good support system in your corner. Everyone deserves to have their personal cheering squad to cheer them on and some listening ears or shoulders to cry on for every rejection they get.

Good relationships are the best predictors of happiness, so make sure you lean on yours.

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Keep a regular routine. Sleep and get up at set times. Take a shower and put on nice-ish clothes even if the only thing you have on your schedule is to online in search of your dream job. Stay well-groomed—brush your hair, shave, etc. The saying “when we look good, we feel good,” is there for a reason.

Stay on top of your finances. This is important because you may need to cut back on non-essentials for the time being. The more financially secure you are, the less desperate you’ll feel and the less likely it is that you’ll settle for a less-than-ideal job.

Take the time to develop new skills. Make the Internet, with its free resources, your friend.

Keep a good mindset when it comes to rejection. Receiving them means you’re putting yourself out there.

Do not make job searching a 24-hour-a-day job. Rest, even at this time, is vital. Exercising more will help you sleep better.

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As one Reddit user told u/Gold-Base4047, “Just wanted you to know that the job market is really bad now and it’s not your fault that it’s really difficult to find a job. I wish you luck and I hope you can find a job soon!” /TISG

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