Jade Rasif, a 28-year-old Singaporean DJ, YouTube personality and former actress, expressed that she received backhanded compliments from a billionaire man –  a very unconventional way to flirt with a woman. 

In an attempt to compliment her looks, the man suggested that Jade should start an OnlyFans account – a platform primarily used to display sexual content and pornography. Jade exclaimed that if she only wanted money, she would just get married to a billionaire. However, the man asked her what made her think a billionaire would want her. By the end of their conversation, Jade said, “I was so upset because he was a billionaire. I got up and I left. I was like ‘wow, what a f***er.'”

In a recent podcast by The Daily Ketchup, Jade Rasif shared the time when she encountered ‘negging’ by a man. According to the famous personality, the experience made her think of high school crushes that were trying to catch her attention, but this man obviously remained a boy and did not have the guts to act like a gentleman. He simply did not grow up.

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To deepen the discussion, the podcast host and Jade talked about their opinions on the ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ characteristics of people. A person with an ‘alpha’ personality is seen as self-assured, powerful and confident. On the other hand, ‘beta’ are those who are friendly, helpful and avoid conflicts. 

In Jade’s opinion, ‘alpha’ males are more dominant and assertive. However, when applied to women, it is easily associated with being a b***h. She also mentioned that men probably see her as one, based on how intimidating her presence may seem to them. 

The 28-year-old clarified that she does not see herself as an alpha, but she is eager to speak up when she knows something is not right. She does not want to be seen as submissive.