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The first criminal trial of former president Donald Trump began Monday highlighting inflated numbers and defiant claims sending social media into a frenzy and igniting a storm of controversy.

In a fiery post on Truth Social, Trump not only protested the trial’s initiation but also managed to fumble the figures on America’s population, leaving netizens scratching their heads. Trump, set to face 34 felony charges related to alleged falsification of business records, took to the digital platform to demand the case’s dismissal.

“This ‘trial’ should be ended by the highly conflicted presiding Judge,” Trump exclaimed, his words laced with indignation.

However, it wasn’t just legal jargon that Trump flubbed. In a subsequent post, he boldly asserted his support from a staggering 200 million Americans, despite the nation’s population hovering around 344 million.

The criminal trial

Social media platforms buzzed with reactions, with many quick to mock Trump’s inflated claims and perceived mathematical missteps.

Before entering the courtroom, Trump continued his defiant stance, labeling the trial as an “assault on America” and decrying it as unprecedented political persecution. Despite his bravado, critics were quick to point out the incongruity of his statements and the legal realities he faces.

Trump, aged 77, could potentially receive a maximum sentence of four years imprisonment upon conviction, although there is the possibility of avoiding jail and receiving fines instead.

He has entered a plea of not guilty.

This landmark trial for Trump will unfold amidst the backdrop of his presidential campaign. It carries the weighty prospect of the presumptive Republican nominee facing a felony conviction mere months before voters cast their ballots in November.

Unfortunately, the trial is not being televised.

But as the trial progresses, all eyes remain fixed on the unfolding drama, as Trump’s bombastic rhetoric clashes with the measured proceedings of justice.

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